Personal Life

Born on the Gulang Island in 1998, I was immersed in music from childhood. I’ve learned to play the cello since the age of 4. Professor SU Li (苏力) at Xiamen University enlightened me to the world of cello and tutored me for several years. Later, I was tutored by Professor WANG Miao (王淼) at Huaqiao University. During my 6 years of primary education at Xiamen Music School, I’ve won many awards at cello competitions, including:

  • The Third Prize at the 2nd Ai Qin Bei National Cello Competition (第二届全国爱琴杯大提琴比赛独奏组三等奖), Beijing, China, 2006;
  • The Excellence Award & The Best Performance Award at the 6th Asia Future Stars Music Competition (第六届亚洲明日之星音乐大赛优秀奖、最佳作品表演奖), Singapore, 2007.

Growing up, I have been a member of numerous orchestras, including:

  • Xiamen Music School Orchestra;
  • Xiamen Primary and Middle School Students' Orchestra;
  • Xiamen Foreign Language School Orchestra, directed by WU Mingfang. Together, we won the First Prize at the 4th National Primary and Middle School Students' Music Competition (全国第四届中小学生艺术展演器乐中学甲组一等奖);
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rong Chang Orchestra (上交荣昶中西乐团).

I favor the Baroque period music, and my favorite composers are J.S. Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi. I’ve also learned to play the piano in primary school. Here’s a video of me playing the piano and the cello as a kid in the Gulang Island Concert Hall.

I also enjoy playing golf in my free time. I’m coached by the pro golfer Paul Podraza in Austin, TX.